Jim Nelson

March 24, 2016:  long informal (unplanned) conversation with Jim Nelson.  He moved to Stacy in 1968.  At that time he said the people ruled their own, basically kept each other in line.  He said the municipal was quite a hot spot with a lot of fighting.  The Stacy area was known for being rough.  This one beat this one up kind of thing.  He said that the old manager, Sandra Boerner kept things in line at the bar – she was known for physically tossing men out (she wasn’t one to fight with).  He said she was really tough.  Side note she still worked here when I was hired; at that time people said they wouldn’t go in the bar if she was there.  He said Jack Scudder ran the city (he was previous mayor) he said in his own way and not necessarily the “legal” way.  He talked about who owned various houses and what houses were moved in from other areas.  He said many houses were moved here from a lake in Forest Lake – they were once cabins.  He was active in the Stacy Ball Club and said that the Ball Club was instrumental in starting Stacy Daze and that ball tournaments were the big draw, he said Rosemary Masloski made sure the kiddy parade happened every year.  He also said that Stacy Daze ended up being a drunkin’ brawl with a lot of fighting.  He talked of someone who lost an eye during a fight.  Also, about two shootings that occurred (sounds like they were accidental).  He also said his son fell from a tree in the park and had a branch go through his arm; he ended up being treated at Ramsey hospital in St. Paul; luckily no surgery was necessary and the branch didn’t hit anything important.