General Water Usage Information & Guidelines

Here are some generalized numbers for you to determine how much water you are using. Please note that these numbers are estimates given for informational purposes only and individual usage habits will vary. The City of Stacy does not guarantee that your usage numbers align with the information presented here. Please refer to your own equipment to get the GPM usage flow to determine your households estimated usage. 

Indoor Water Usage

The average person uses approximately 50-80 gallons of water per day in their normal routine. You can quickly estimate your households use with this equation:

Average Use per Person X Days per Month = Average Use per Person
Average Use per Person X Total People in Your Household = Average Use per Month 

**Remember that some people will use less and some more, but this is a general baseline to help determine if you may have a leak somewhere, or another issue. 

Outdoor Water Usage

Watering your lawn and garden results in higher usage during the summer months. To provide your lawn with one inch of water, it takes a little over a half a gallon per square foot (0.623 gallons). This means that for every 10' X 10' area, it will require just over 62 gallons each time you water. For a larger scale example, a 100' X 100' lawn (approximately 1/4 acre lot, 10,890 square feet), you are using approximately 6,230 gallons of water each time you turn on the sprinkler. 

 Irrigation Systems:

A typical lawn irrigation system uses approximately 12-16 gallons of water per minute. Here is an example of how to calculate how much water is being used per month:


Number of Minutes X Number of Stations/Zones = Total Minutes
Total Minutes X Gallons per Minute = Total Gallons used per Watering Cycle
Total Gallons per Cycle X Number of Days per Month You Water = Total Gallons used per Month 

If your system has eight stations/zones and you water twice a week with each station running for 15 minutes, then you are using anywhere from 1,440 to 1,920 gallons each day that you water, or 11,520 to 15, 360 gallons per month just on your lawn. 

 Sprinklers with a Garden Hose:

Watering with a typical sprinkler using a standard 5/8 garden hose for one hour uses approximately 1, 020 gallons of water. If you water three times a week, that's about 12,240 gallons per month.