Welcome to Stacy

The effective date of the Stacy-Lent Annexation is December 29th, 2023. With this annexation, the newly combined City of Stacy will be holding a special election on April 9, 2024. This is particularly important given that the citizens of the Township will no longer be represented by the Township officials they elected, and a special election will offer Township residents a voice in selecting their representatives. The Amended Joint Resolution provides that current city council members will remain in office until the time that the election is held, ensuring that the City of Stacy remains a functioning governmental entity until a new city council is seated. 
As of December 29, 2023, the Township will cease to exist as a separate entity and shall be fully incorporated within the City of Stacy. There will be a transitional period between the effective date of the annexation and the special election, where the Township and City staff will merge to the newly combined City of Stacy and temporary offices/hours will be set until the special election is held and the new council is seated in April of 2024. Current Township and City staff will continue to be employed under the newly combined City, so you will still see the same friendly faces!
The annexation agreement provides that all parcels of land annexed shall retain the rights and privileges currently enjoyed by those parcels, regardless of new ordinances, for the longer of 180 months or until the primary use of the parcel shall change. This includes, but isn’t limited to, outdoor burning; hunting, shooting, trapping; use of ATV’s, snowmobiles, and other offroad vehicles; keeping of pets and livestock; and all other reasonable uses currently permitted under local and county ordinances, as well as state and federal laws. Please click the Stacy-Lent Annexation tab of this website to view documents related to the annexation. If you have questions about the orderly annexation, please feel free to contact City Hall!