Special Election Candidates & Financial Reporting

**In Order of Candidacy Filing Date & Office**


Mayor At Large

Mark Utecht (Candidate Information)

Rick Keller (Candidate Information)

Tim Berrini


Precinct 1/Ward 1 (former City boundary)                               

City Council Candidates                                                            

Dennis Thieling                                                                             

Tim Sawatzky  (Candidate Information)


Precinct 2/Ward 2 (former Township boundary)

City Council Candidates                                                                                                     

Jeff Barrett (Candidate Information)                                                                    

Brian Seekon                                      

Carolyn Cagle (Candidate Information)

Brandon Price (Candidate Information)

John Scott


**The views and opinions expressed by the candidates in their candidate informational statements are their own views and opinions and do not represent the views or positions of the City of Stacy.**


Affidavits of Candidacy & Financial Reports