Jeff Barrett
Jeff Barrett-W2/P2 Council Candidate

Jeff Barrett-W2/P2 Council Candidate

My name is Jeff Barrett and I am running for Stacy City Council from Ward 2. I Have been married for 44 years. I have recently retired from 3M as an Automation/Robotics Engineer. I have lived in the area for 29 years, but recently moved from Wyoming to Lent Township in 2017. I served on the Lent Town Board last year. Part of the duties included being a liaison to the County Board, exploring Broadband opportunities with providers, and researching numerous project and ordinance related decisions.

As an Engineer I am used to tackling big projects with multiple levels of complexity. The transition to one large city will require careful, logical, and thoughtful approaches. The safety of our citizens is a top priority. Budgeting for the appropriate level of police presence with the Sheriff’s office and maintaining our exceptional Fire Department are critical.

Combining budgets and prioritizing spending will be very important to avoid mishaps and keep taxes low.

The employees of both municipalities are a valuable resource in the operations of the city. Lent and Stacy have worked together for months prior to the annexation to achieve a high level of utilization efficiency of both staffs. The issue of developing a common set of job descriptions and an appropriate pay scale remains. After that, finding the fairest way possible to implement and transition everyone to this new pay matrix will be key. These are examples of some of the issues the new City Council will be addressing.


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