City Government

Stacy City Government consists of a mayor and four at-large council members.

The mayor serves a two-year term, while the council members serve four-year terms.

As a council member, the mayor’s official power is no greater than any other council member, and the office has no veto power.

The mayor executes official documents, makes appointments subject to approval of the council and presides over council meetings. As the office head of the city, the mayor serves as the spokesperson for both the government and the community. However, the council members may be contacted with questions.

The council meets on the second Tuesday of each month for its regularly scheduled meeting where routine actions are taken and other items are up for discussion and vote. Occasionally the council will hold work sessions, special meetings, and closed meetings. These meetings are posted according to law.  Currently we post at the First State Bank of Wyoming and the bulletin board outside the Stacy City Hall.

The city council exercises the following powers and duties:

  • Legislates for the city, passes ordinances, sets administrative policy.
  • Directs enforcement of ordinances.
  • Approves the hiring of management and termination of all employees.
  • Manages financial operations by levying taxes, approving budgets, auditing expenditures, and borrowing money.
  • Guides development in accordance with the comprehensive land use plan.
  • Appoints members to committees and commissions.