Mark Utecht
Mayoral Candidate Mark Utecht

Mark Utecht-Mayoral Candidate

I am Mark Utecht and am running for re-election as Mayor of Stacy.  As a former town board supervisor, city council member and current Mayor, my experience is very valuable to navigate the results of the merger.  I am  the only candidate that has worked as an elected official through three annexations.  I have been Mayor for Stacy for 13 consecutive years and lived at the same address in Stacy for 25 years.
The recent merger of the township and city will require a large amount of work to address the details.  Based on my past service, I am uniquely qualified to contribute to solving any issues that arise. 
I appreciate the opportunity to serve the community in the past and I hope that you feel that my experience will continue to help.  Please come out to vote on April 9th at Lent Town Hall.
Mark Utecht
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