Richard Keller-Mayoral Candidate

The number one priority for me is adopting the Abdo study and implementing better insurance for all the employees. I would like to see Stacy have better concerns for their employees, all of them. Those people are taking care of us. I feel that in many ways they are not treated as though they are important. The action is to adopt the Abdo study with some modifications. Start doing things to let the employees know they are important, and appreciated.

The tools are in place, if we do not lose any more employees. The staff we have is great. They are already doing an incredible job with the transition. Both Lent and Stacy were using Jack Kramer (excellent person, inspector), Jack cut back, not working for us anymore. Stacy had no good option for building inspections, I got the county to come in and take over the building inspections for both Stacy and then Lent. We at Lent had much more going on for building than did the city. Our staff is used to handling the work.

The annexation is the best thing to solidify the borders. To protect the rural character of the township residents and promote growth of the city.


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